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At Amenities Pack, we offer a wide variety of dental cleaning kits to serve as a “Welcome Pack” for your hotel guests. From our complete and individual kits with everything needed for your clients' oral hygiene, to our bulk packs which are much more economically priced. Discover our extensive catalogue.

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Travel Dental Kit for Oral Hygiene Care

When on holiday or travelling, one only returns to their apartment or hotel room when they need to sleep or rest.

For this reason, we offer the best travel dental kits for you to provide to your clients on your welcome tray. This way, your guest can always maintain oral hygiene wherever they are during their stay.

Our packaging features an elegant design and is made from biodegradable materials (PSM) and wood. We offer individual kits with everything a client needs for proper daily oral care, or packs with individual brushes for more economical pricing.

Best Oral Care Kits for Hotels

The teeth whitening kits for hotels come in various formats. You can find them packaged in paper/plastic bags or boxed in cardboard.

The cardboard boxed dental kits are one of the best options for gifting to wedding guests, events, private dinners, and hotels.

It is noteworthy that, the toothbrushes are of premium quality and can be used for a month from opening. They can also come with a cover to protect the toothbrush head.

Customised Dental Hygiene Kit

If you need to customise your dental hygiene kit with your brand's logo or text, at Amenities Pack we guarantee excellent print quality and quick delivery.

If you require more information about our tailor-made customisations, please, contact us. We will attend to you as soon as possible.

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