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Dental kit 1

Toothbrush T model

Dental kit 2

Toothbrush M model (also avaliable with Cap)

dental kit 3

Toothbrush SB model with Cap

Dental kit 4

Toothbrush HIG model with Cap

dental kit 5

Wooden Toothbrush

dental kit 6

Foldable Toothbrush Navaja model

Dental kit 7

Travel Toothbrush

dental kit 8

Toothbrush TB-04 model

Dental kit 9

Toothpaste, Mouthwash and D. Floss in different containers

kit dental 10

Cardbox presentation

kit dental 11

Flow wrapped presentation

kit dental 12

Labeled and standard sachet presentation

kit dental 13

Adhesive bag presentation

kit dental 14

Stone paper presentation

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